​Natural Chic & Leslie Deveaux: The Woman, The Heritage, The Brand

Marie Wedderburn on Nov 19th 2016


For over 6 years, Leslie Deveaux has been creating handmade heirlooms that are revered not only by her customers but also pay tribute to her very own heritage.

Leslie was one of four children born to two craftworkers, Clinton Deveaux and Bloneva (Fawkes) Deveaux of the Bahamas. “I began following in their footsteps by mimicking their hands.”

Clinton, a fisherman, was Leslie’s first inspiration. “My father taught me netting,” she remarks. It was Leslie’s grandmother, however, that first inspired Leslie to study needleworking; the trademark of her company, Natural Chic.

“At the age of 4 while playing with my grandmother’s treadle machine, a needle got stuck in my finger. Instead of being afraid of machines, I decided to master them.” Leslie’s company, Natural Chic specializes in handmade needle crafts, most of which are made to order, custom, one of a kind designs.

Needlework and yarn crafts is something that is characteristic of the women in Leslie’s family - she credits her current skills to a strong matriarchal tradition, “From my mother, grandmother and aunts I learned to use crochet hooks, knitting needles, sewing machines and tatting shuttles.”

Truly, her talents are integral to how Leslie identifies to this day.

 “It is something I just have to do” she says, “I have no choice. Crafting with my hands keeps me whole.” That sentiment is echoed in the name of Leslie’s company and brand. “Natural is the craft and Chic stands for Creative Hardworking Interdependent Courteous (my mini resume),“ she explains.

Leslie’s work spans an inventory of hats, scarves, sandals, dresses, blankets, earrings and a myriad of other wearable arts. Some of her most popular selling items, footless sandals, also feature one of Leslie’s favorite creative forms: tatting. “Who would think a half stitch knot would create such durable, pretty lace?” she muses.

Leslie credits her life experiences for the inspiration behind her more current pieces. When asked about her creations, she explains, “Sometimes I dream about them. I am inspired by what I see and experience.”

With each piece, Leslie hopes to convey to the wearer a sense of love and care; a piece of her and of her family tradition that lives on through others. When asked what she would be doing if not creating, her answer is simple: “I would not be”.

The Natural Chic company believes in “Honoring the Diamonds in Mortals”. We honor the Diamond by embracing the Triple Radiance philosophy which is also the Natural Chic Logo. It is symbolized with three diamonds set upon one another.

There is a diamond in all of us. It takes time, pressure, and care to create a diamond; that same time and care is something that is translated through our works and manifests as unique, quality hand-crafted wares from our hands to your hearts.